Focus on Your Life came from an inspiration that I was spending far too much time worrying about other people and their problems and none on improving myself.

It was a very harsh wake up call to realiCoach Training Accelerator Onlinese I was going about complaining and pointing out other people’s failings but actually doing nothing about my own weaknesses.  Just listening to myself have a conversation that was full of complaining was very embarrassing.  It seemed the more I became aware of it, the more often I noticed myself doing it.

I knew I had to change and it was purely for me to do.  No waiting for someone else to prompt me or encourage me.

So, like all great procrastinators, I wrote a list.  I started with a list of things I didn’t like about myself.  Things like smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eating the wrong foods, being overweight and out of shape, being tired all the time, and just generally being a bit of a jerk to be around.  I knew everything was all tied together and it came back to not feeling good.

I realised I didn’t feel good about myself so that meant I was treating myself bad and anyone who came into contact with felt that vibe.  I was sending out bad energy.  And it only drew more bad energy – like it attracted itself to me.